Aldon Redbark

Sarcastic lightfoot halfling Wizard of Backstory


Level: 4th Wizard of Divination
AC: 12
HP: 27
PP: 13
Init: 0


(NOTE: I had an entire story written down that is thirty pages long on a word document, but I’ll summarize here):

Aldon Redbark was born in Golden Hollow, a wooded Shire to the far north near a famous mountain range known as Heaven’s Spire. At the age of 22 he came in to contact, mostly due to his own curiosity, with an elderly High Elf wizard known as Valan Glacia. The wizard took him under his wing as his apprentice for five years, teaching Aldon the ways of magic privately. Aldon learned many practical uses of magic, his teacher emphasizing creativeness when approaching any problem. He also learned that his teacher was attempting to break the magical seals on an ancient spell-tome that was said to contain immense power and knowledge sealed by a master wizard from eons ago. After about 5 years of training, one day came where Aldon awoke to find part of the shire in flames and people yelling “DRAGON!”. As he ran outside, he noticed a large dark shape heading for his master’s tower. He ran to the tower, but before confronting the beast, he ran into the tower’s basement vault and took the spell-tome. When he confronted the blood-orange dragon, he found his master to be lying on the ground near to death. The dragon, seeing him as no threat at all, taunted him and explained its purpose there. The dragon was known as Liddun the Deathless, a terrible monster of incredible power that had laid siege to a well known castle and the city below it for three whole days. Valan had managed to stop him by breaking into the dragon’s mind, humiliating it. The beast had sworn vengeance upon him, and was there to extract it by killing Valan. While the dragon was flaunting, Valan and Aldon used their combined strength to break the barriers remaining on the spell-tome and unleashed its power, causing a massive explosion that toppled the tower. Aldon awoke on the ground, in front of Liddun, who somehow managed to survive. The dragon issued him this warning:

“You should not have that kind of power, Halfling. The book you possess…no mortal should be able to have such power. But neither can I take it from you, as it was put in place to be used against me, and I suspect you’ll never be able to do what you did with it again…Our fates are tied, and someone is using us a puppets. There is a master outside of this universe controlling things, and I know him. I know him well. This is my punishment…”

With that, Liddun fled the scene, leaving Aldon to tend to his dead master. Since then, Aldon has sworn a personal vendetta against the dragon and intends on becoming powerful enough to unlock the secrets within the spell-tome (which he now uses as his personal spellbook, the pages within the tome appearing blank and not reacting in anyway to new ink) and use it to destroy the dragon who slew his master.

In the campaign thus far:
-Is friendly towards Kallem the Paladin, though sincerely believes the man is incredibly pig-headed and doesn’t often think before he acts.
-Jealous of the high-elf wizard known as Ricardo, that is until she got comeuppance by getting 1-hit-KOed by an orc ferryman.
-Thinks the rogue known as Theda is a complete and total idiot.
-Somewhat friendly toward the other halfling wizard known as Andre and his warlock brother Eric.
-Believes the warlock Sarro to be extremely competent and a potentially good leader.
-Doesn’t quite know what to think of the rogue Haymitch. Believes him to be competent, but quirky. However, having seen the results of his Ouija board, wouldn’t mind if Haymitch taught him how to make his own.
-Believes Marty, the cleric of Javexa, to be…a rather radical believer to say the very least. Begrudgingly works with him and is afraid of his erratic behaviors, specifically when anyone else in the party tries to do the cleaning (emphasis on ‘tries’).

Part of the Team: The Halfling Huckers (begrudgingly).

Major Flaws/Quirks:
1- Is obsessed with experimenting with non-traditional magical methods such as alchemy, glyphs, and other such things. If given the chance to learn a new form of magical knowledge, will take the chance even if it is to the detriment of himself or others around him.
2- Along with his obsession to learn new, unconventional ways of magic, Aldon also obsesses over acquiring magical artifacts, and will take any he can get his hands on compulsively…even if it results in a curse or having to Indiana-Jones it out of a temple.
3- Upon completion of the session ‘Little Shop of Huckers’, Aldon realizes that he is not the only one who has to suffer the consequences of being associated with his fellow teammates
and begins to feel sympathy for everyone his team comes across. To those he encounters whose lives have been temporarily thrown into chaos due to the actions of his teammates, he offers his help (so long as it doesn’t involve cleaning, for fear of Marty’s wrath) and a signature Apology Bell (typically made from string, a piece of copper or any small round object, and a tin-can plant), which he keeps a stock of. He will go out of his way to find such items to create these bells when he is out of them.
4- Upon completion of the session ‘The Greatest Battle that Never Was’, is afflicted with an unspecified ‘bat curse’ (up to the DM’s discretion concerning effects of the curse).

After the battle of the guild, having sustained heavy injuries from the fight with the traitorous Sheik, Aldon mysteriously disappeared, leaving no indication of where he went to. Perhaps vengeance against what the monk did drove him to set out on a personal vendetta against them that he did not want to drag his friends into? Perhaps he received an urgent message from his homeland in the far north forcing him to come back to deal with more dire matters? No one knows what became of him, but this may or may not be the last time the remaining Halfling Huckers see of him, depending on what the ‘true gods’ of this world have in mind.

Aldon Redbark

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