Captain Clarino Rosenthal

Human Ranger of the Hunt


Level: 3rd Ranger of the Hunt
AC: 17
HP: 25
PP: 15
Init: 3

Magic Items

  • Lookout’s Cinch

Self-proclaimed bravest man/captain of the sea.

(captain) Clarino is less than this actually. His only real sea experience is being on a tuna boat and even so he didn’t do it on purpose. He accidentally joined a 4 year tuna boat trip on after an unfortunate drinking game involving a pitchfork, a bottle, and a bar of soap.

He learned all his bravery at sea or he would if he was any good at it. No, he spent most of his time scrubbing the floors and entertaining people. Tired of all this he staged a mutiny aboard the S.S. Sporty, successfully taking hold of the ship! Sadly, he isn’t much of a leader and his mutiny was mutiny’d shortly afterwards and thrown off the ship. But at least he was captain for 5 minutes!

After swimming to shore Clarino decided his captaineering skills were of better use to the world and so began his adventures at The Guild.

Captain Clarino Rosenthal

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