Half Orc Barbarian


Level: 4th Barbarian
AC: 16
HP: 42
PP: 13
Init: 2


“Hrmmmmmm… Hrrrrrrrrrr…”

This is about the extent of what you hear from this hulking half-orc’s mouth. He doesn’t seem to have a way with using words, though he appears to be able to understand them. When he arrived at the guild, they asked his name. He replied in his usual fashion and so they dubbed him “Grunt”. His tactics seem to be “smash first, don’t ask questions later”, which has worked out pretty alright for him so far. Though he may seem like an unlearned simpleton, this description is only half true. He may not know the value of a gold piece or the inner workings of the arcane arts, but he knows how to survive. Survival has and always will be Grunt’s number two priority. His first? Smash the weaklings that defy him.


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