Haymitch Haverford

Human Rogue of the Dancing Blade


Level: 4rd Rogue of Swashbuckling
AC: 14 +1 While dual wielding
HP: 38
PP: 10
Init: 3 + CHA mod (3)


Ouiji Boards….Ouiji boards everywhere.
Ouiji board locations:

Felkton Museum Floor
Felkton Drow Family Kitchen Table
Felkton Museum Floor (ripped out and given to Monk)
Guild Mess Hall Table
Harpy Stomach (Eaten by Snake/Dwarf/Druid)
Bear skin pelt (In possession of Alistair)
The Whole Party’s Bear Coats

(Note: All Ouiji boards are written in Dwarvish)

Haymitch Haverford

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