Mediocriteez the Unremarkable

Forest Gnome Wizard of Fleabucket


Level: 1st Wizard
AC: 12
HP: 6
PP: 12
Init: 2


Mediocriteez the Unremarkable is truly just that, unremarkable. Even for a gnome he is painfully average in height and look. Born in the gnomish slum of Fleabucket to a mother and father he never knew, he was forced to fend for himself from an early age. He met his faithful pet mouse mincemeat when he was fighting over bread scraps with a mangy dog, who was terrified at the sight of the small white mouse. Since then, Mincemeat has stood by his side, which seems odd considering mice shouldn’t live as long as 39 years old. On the cusp of adulthood, Mediocriteez is trying to truly find himself and be something more than just average. Will his adventures far from his home of Fleabucket finally yield him the title of Mediocriteez the someone remarkable? We shall see…

Note: Ale makes him overly confident

Mediocriteez the Unremarkable

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