Shiver Me Timbers

Gnome Druid of the Shivers


Level: 4th Druid of the Moon
AC: 13
HP: 27
PP: 13
Init: 2


Shiver was raised as a typical forest gnome, by typical forest gnome parents, in a small tree house in a small wooded clearing.

Always, Shiver loved animals. Their sounds, their shapes, their habits, their freedom.

So Shiver Me Timbers became a druid.

After many years of study at the city’s college, having spent long, long hours surrounded by books and people, most of whom were several times his size, Shiver grew weary of the city and the people.

But he still craved knowledge, and he knew where to find the wisest, free-est minds, wherein lay the truest truths.

Shiver packed his few belongings and left, mostly unnoticed. He wandered into the deepest forest, to learn from the animals and the plants, to learn what the world would teach him and become the Sage of Shivers.

After ~a century, Shiver left the forest, prompted by the death of his faithful testudine companion.

Having communed with deep nature, and many of the forests’ wisest and most ferocious beasts, he now seeks to remember how to be civilised, at least for a time, to apply his wisdom to the world of men and elves.

Shiver Me Timbers

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