Stump of the Animals

Half-Elf Druid of the Stump


Level: 2nd Druid of the Moon
AC: 13
HP: 18
PP: 12
Init: 1

Stump is a tall, gangly half-elf, with long, tangled brown hair that has moss and flowers growing in it. His skin is pale, with a large birthmark over his right eye. He has a short pair of antlers sprouting from his forehead for no apparent reason. He wears simple robes of leather and cloth, and carries a long staff.


Stump is a druid. His people were killed by marauding orcs when he was a child. He has spent half his life wandering in the wilderness. He happened to wander out of the forest at the wrong moment, accidentally falling in with a bunch of heroes attempting to join The Guild. Eventually, someone told him what The Guild actually was, and he decided to stick around.

Stump does not understand many nuances of conversation and society, from sarcasm to social paradigms like guilds. He is more comfortable with animals and plants than other sentient species. He is unsociable and awkward.

Stump of the Animals

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