Human Monk of the Beard


Unravelled is a tall slender man. He possesses a flowing and very long greyish beard. He wears wrapped silk similar to the attire at the Silk Monastery.

Level: 6
AC: 16
HP: 38
PP: ?
Init: ?


After leading a life of discipline at the elusive monastery known only to the public as the “Silk Monastery”, a mind altering epiphany lead the monk to question it’s ways and philosophies. As a result, the monastery exiled the deviant monk, branding him as “Unravelled”. Normally, this is a title of dishonour, but Unravelled wears it with honour, leaving into the world. His true name or origin before the monastery is still unknown.

He now travels the world, seeking new threads of experience to weaves a more open and free mind. Wielding only his fighting skills and teachings of the Silk Monastery as tools to help him survive in this strange new world, he seeks new purpose. What is that purpose you ask? Only entropy will decide.


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