Gods and Religion

The world is full of Gods, both large and small, good and evil.

Known Gods

  • Adobe of Creativity, Illusions, and Acrobatics
  • Arrenjesus of Chance, Chaos, and Coincidence
  • Dredd of Law, Order, and Justice
  • Duchess of Alcohol, Archery and Ancestry
  • Eelandra of the Sea, Flow, and Growth
  • Een-Meenar of Small Things, Attention to Detail, and …
  • Fabio of Love, Steam, and Romance Novels
  • Fairrus of Enjoyment, Truancy, and Procrastination
  • Generius of Healing, General Goodness, and Dwarfiness
  • Gypiiyes of Travel, Direction, and Mobilization
  • Hermes Everymen of Paperwork, Bookkeeping, and Limbo
  • Intox of Visions, Medication, and Drugs
  • Javexa of Cleanliness, Purification, and Restoration
  • Jitteria of Coffee, Cigarettes, and Chocolate
  • The Leafs of Sportsmanship, Hope, and Dedication
  • Manami of the Sea, Ebb, and Storms
  • Pollutinomicon of Pollution, Filth, and Disease
  • Prikya of Smithing, Weapons, and Duelling
  • Schmorgas of Harvest, Plenty, and Gluttony
  • Sharlotte of Charming, Consent, and Contraception
  • Shirley of Comedy, Humour, and Planar Travel
  • Snix of Parody, Parity, and Parrotry
  • Sorrin of Sun, Weather, and Natural Disasters
  • Tara of Knowledge, Riddles, and Puns
  • The Three Posts of Voyages, Deliveries, and Proper Postage
  • Throblum of Fungus, Rot, and Decomposition
  • Unichromicon of Innocence, Beauty, and Newness
  • Warglord of Wolves, Loyalty, and the Hunt
  • Warrden of Guarding, War, and Confinement
  • Willy Wilder of Candy, Top Hats, and Punishment
  • Xellirks DeadG0d of Party, Dancing, and Music
  • Yrrucmit of Evil, Darkness, and, Things that are Not Nice
  • Aupsus of Pranks, Accidents, and Lies

Kua-Knowan Gods

Gods and Religion

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