Season 6 - Week 12 - Even More Unexpected Events
Exploration and Free Stuff

After killing some snails, the party goes deeper into the cave. Finding a small crevice, they encounter a glowing puddle, that suddenly talks!

This puddle is Riddley, and they love riddles! Riddles were asked and very poorly answered, but everyone had a good time so it was fine.

Further exploration found a room of mushrooms. a mush-room, if you will.

These mushrooms had wacky effects; some people got high, some people got literally high, some people got unconscious, and more.

A third room was explored, and a shrine to Arrenjesus was found! Everyone rolled the dice and got some fun stuff.

There were two tunnels; a tunnel filled with water, and a tunnel filled with couches. The group split and took different tunnels. Some people turned it various fish, some people got new gravity.

Everyone was surprised when the tunnels met up into the same room. Everyone started talking and not looking at thinks, so things slowly approached them while they spoke.

Suddenly those things attacked! People finally looked, observing them as floating orbs with weird eye stalks. A fight!

Two of them exploded into spores and infected a bunch of folks, but those folks later got cured. The third floating thing attacked semi-effectively, and was eventually killed.

More shenanigans, a tree grew out of a pocket, a coin purse floated to the ceiling.

People identified the things, all was well.

Everyone chose to exit via the water tunnel, and are now currently fish.

Two people hung back and didn’t enage in the fight; they’re chilling with Riddley.

Thus was the wacky cave adventure.

Season 6 - Week 11 - Unexpected Events
Lightning, Snails, and Odd Tales

After the most recent harrowing events, the adventurers are forced to return back to the Guild, along with dozens of refugees.

Hearing the news of the fire dome that has encompassed Shumpthorpe, Stewart puts a hold on quests for a few days while the Guild houses those who fled the fires and figures out what to do about the situation.

Putting the downtime to use, the adventurers take some much needed rest.

Iaza forges Felkton land deeds and sells them at a “charitable discount” to some refugee families, May gets her cat to paint surprisingly good art and sells it a surprisingly good prices, Kjarik and Sindri take the opportunity to study in the Library of Inconsequential Knowledge, Harold befriends the Furfeather scout leader, and Jun trains to hone his martial prowess.

At the end of this downtime, Stewart announces that more experienced Guild members will be dealing with the Shumpthorpe situation and everyone is to continue their regular questing.

As the group gathers around the Quest Board, another Guild Acolyte, Stragor, joins them.

With new quests in-hand, the party departs to Zha Whei.

A storm develops while traveling, and the party becomes concerned when lightning starts striking nearby. Everyone gets to low ground for safety, though Stragor confidently holds up his swords to attract lightning, claiming his blue dragonborn heritage keeps him safe. He is promptly struck by lightning.

It quickly becomes noted that the lightning is oddly coloured, and that the air seems to be charged with magic. Concern is brought up that this isn’t an ordinary storm.

A cave is spotted and the group quickly take shelter in it.

Wondering if this is the mysterious cave they were requested to explore, the group goes further in, where they find some very large snails!

A fight ensures with the snails, which get identified as Flail Snails. It also gets noted that any magic casts within this cave causes weird effects, such as Harold losing his hair and facial features, or Sindri’s clothes being replaced with spider webs.

Stragor valiantly fights the snails, and definitely did not die

Bloody and bruised, the party takes a moment to regroup.

Will they continue into the cave? Find out next week!

Season 6 - Week 10 - We Didn't Start the Fire - Mid-season Finale
Lots of Fire and a Firebear

With a Furfeather Scout yelling for aid against an owlbear attack, the party makes their way to Shumpthorpe to help.

Harold carries the child on his shoulders as the everyone asks him about the nature of this attack, though details aren’t especially clear.

The river is crossed adequately, and the rest of the trip goes by uneventful. Kjarik sends Hoots to scout ahead, but only thick smoke is seen.

As the group reaches the Safety Forest, they find the amount of smoke to be heavier than usual. It’s when they arrive at the small village do they find the cause of this; Shumpthorpe is engulfed in flames!

Fleeing vilagers run by, one mentioning the threat of a ‘firebear’.

Sindri drags a passed-out villager to safety, while the rest of the group charges in to the village.

They come across Drabbuh being accosted by some fiery creatures and help him fight them off, taking some bad burns themselves.

Drabbuh reveals the village of Shumpthorpe had a deal with these small fiery creatures to burn down trees to expand the Safety Forest, but a large breach has occurred, and they’ve set the whole town on fire!

The group runs into town to find the fire creature’s breach, but are stopped in the centre of town by what appears to be an owlbear…. made of fire?

A fight ensues; Jun and Iaza rescue a citizen with varied success, Harold extinguishes the flames burning through the orphanage, Sindri and Kjarik fight the Firebear with magic, May and Tyrion fight with weapons.

People get burned, set on fire, extinguished, and summon large amounts of water.

A brigade of Furfeather Scouts arrives and help.

The Firebear is eventually defeated!

Everyone takes a moment to catch their breath, when they hear a slow clap. Glancing atop a roof, they seem a red guy applauding the party on their fight with his ‘dog’.

After some conversation and flattery, the red guy reveals his name is Chaud, he’s an Efreeti, and he’s here to find a new home.

More discussion, Chaud grants the group some definitely non-consequential wishes.

He then sends the group away (but not the Scouts), and the town of Shumpthorpe is encompassed in a dome of flames.

Is this the end of Shumpthorpe? What of the Furfeather Scouts?

Find out next semester!

The OneShots- Episode 3: Catherine's Port
The Plot Thickens...

This excerpt was taken from an espoused colleague working for the mysterious wizard, Linnaeus Duncan, who declined to be interviewed on the subject. Said colleague has since been forthcoming in releasing these documents on the adventuring party in question.

Entry 1-

I am recording these journal entries on the progress of our hired ‘help’ for posterity’s sake under the instruction of my ‘research partner’, with the intent to eventually release them when the inquisitive types inevitably come knocking.

With current bounty guilds registered with the kingdom’s government currently dealing with political matters, including those who are calling themselves ‘revolutionaries’, we decided to take matters into our own hands and employ the help of an upstart band of mercenaries who seemed to show promise in order to help us investigate a doomsday cult who they had encountered previously. We had heard rumors that the cult had plans to acquire someone of some knowledge in mechanical and magical artifice, and that they were rumored to be searching near an old fortress overlooking the coastline north of Catherine’s Port. It was there our hired hands went to investigate.

To monitor their progress, we sent along a one-way scrying marble. They were informed to speak a command word to activate it during the time of which they had reached the fortress in question. However, this was a blatant lie told to get them to take the marble. We had to be sure our investments would succeed in their task, and therefore had to make sure we monitored them in case of failure resulting in death of the party occurred. The scrying marble was enchanted to allow it to see through clothing or other non-magical objects on command from our side. Thus, I am able to report on the following events having occurred:

The party got into a conflict with some Kuo-Toa venturing up along the coast-side. They slew them handily and acquired a cleric of Manami as a result of saving him from the fish-folk. They also learned he had been on a ship that had been magically teleported across the continent before crashing onto the rocks in the bay they found him in. The paladin managed to retrieve an artifact of Manami from the wreckage before the party moved on. Further up the coast, they encountered signs of the bandit activity relating to the Red Hand of Lebonne, the upstart ‘revolutionary’ group, and were further aided by an elderly mage who exchanged with the warlock a new wand and a book for information on the cult (it seems we are not the only ones pursuing them, after all).

The party arrived in the port the next day and was subsequently rejoined by their sorcerer who had followed their trail a day behind. As they were resting, the paladin managed to accidentally get captured by a band of thugs. The remaining party members rescued him just in time as the city erupted into chaos, with members of the Red Hand invading the port by boat. However, the leader of a larger bounty guild in the city assured the party that the bandits would be dealt with and they should continue with their mission, as the party had found some information suggesting that the attack was a distraction to allow those up at the fort to escape under the cover of chaos.

The party ventured up to the fort and infiltrated its dungeons, whereby they found that evidence suggesting that cult members had been working in conjunction with members of the Red Hand as part of some kind of deal. They confronted the crooked thug responsible for orchestrating said deal and beat him on his own turf. After dealing with the crook, the party managed to find the supposed artificer held hostage and bound with anti-magic manacles inside one of the dungeon’s cells.

The excerpt ends here with an official signature of Mr. Duncan’s Colleague provided below:


Season 6 - Week 9 - Farm Work
Scary Crows, Scary Foes

On Jenkins Farm, Tyrion is joined by Harold as they loiter outside.

Jun and Sindri vaccinate Displacer Beasts, wrestling the big kitties and working off the cost of a single dose of Gravol.

Iaza and Kjarik make several attempts to get discounted Gravol, trying various forms of trickery and forgery. While they wait to see if they’re efforts pay off, Iaza pets many Alpacas and Kjarik summons a new familiar, Hoots the owl.

Tyrion chops down a tree and begins building a boat; Harold detects magic and finds the fence has some magic.

Jun and Sindri’s work results in them acquiring 1 dose of Gravol; Iaza and Kjarik’s efforts result in 20 doses of Gravol being sent to Felkton.

With the Gravol acquired, everyone heads to Corvo’s farm to deal with a crow scaring problem.

At Corvo’s farm, the group is approached by a large crow, which turns out to be Corvo, a Kenku farmer.

Corvo poorly explains the situation through stilted speech, only talking about “scary crows”, which turns out to be vicious Scarecrows that keep killing his crows.

Fighting, and the scarecrows are dealt with. Two of them get away.

Payment is received, and everyone heads back to Pewicks Grove to drop off the dose of Gravol. Pewick gratefully accepts, and several people go shopping.

Everyone goes to bed in various locations. In the morning they awaken to the sounds of distressed shouting.

Going out to investigate, the group finds one of the Furfeather Scouts from Shumpthorpe yelling about an Owlbear attack, calling out for help!

Season 6 - Week 8 - The Beast
How Garden Gnomes are Made

Everyone retires at the Kaya’s Tavern in Scrumble and sleep. In the morning they meet up with two more Guild members, Sindri and Tyrion.

The group spends some time in the tavern, Sindri overhears some gossip about Sorrin, and they head out to the Guild.

At the Guild they acquire new quests, Iaza enjoys conversation with Adventure Board, and Stewart gets mildly annoyed.

Everyone heads out to Pewicks Grove, where they’re tasked with hunting a mysterious beast that’s been terrorizing the locals. In heavy rain the group tracks the beast, coming upon its sleeping form.

Jun and Tyrion sneak up and attack, the rest hang back. Sindri realizes the creature is a Basilisk and everyone should avert their eyes, before he turns to stone himself.

Kjarik uses Ravie as his eyes, though unfortunately Ravie is turned to stone.

Some more fighting, punching, casting, and back climbing, and the beast is killed.

Sindri is dragged back to the Grove, where Pewick gives them the last dose of Gravol to cure his petrification, but in exchange they must acquire another dose to help one of the hunters.

Everyone heads to Jenkin’s Farm to get a dose. Tyrion hangs back for some reason, Jun and Sindri agree to do some farm work to pay for a dose of Gravol, and Iaza and Kjarik embark on a journey of bureaucracy and trickery.

Season 6 - Week 7 - Lady and the Tramps
A Song of Fire and Ice and also Pain

Everyone arrives at Felkton. Noting all the mailboxes, Iaza tries to flip one of the flag flippy-thingies, but gets yelled at from a resident that what she’s about to do is illegal.

The group then goes to the tavern to get a meal and rest. Iaza is dissatisfied with the prices and sleeps outside.

In the morning everyone wakes. Iaza finds she’s been ticketed for not having a registered address, then goes to busk, receiving some coins and a package.

The group heads out to find Colman Creatin. Arriving at his clinic they spot a large white wolf creeping in the bushes, to which May expertly shoots in, scaring it off.

Colman comes out to great the adventurers, when suddenly fire cats jump from the roof! One semi-lands on Jun, the other misses, and a third face-plants on the ground.

Colman asks for help with Lady, so Iaza and Selamar join him to assist.

Meanwhile, the white wolf returns and attacks the fire cats.

Fighting, punching, biting, a brief healing request from Kjarik, and the fire cats are eventually defeated, one left alive. The wolf is identified as a Winter Wolf, and the cats as Fire-Tooth Tigers.

At this point, everyone who turned into a woman yesterday turn back into men.

Entering the barn, the group finds that Iaza and Selamar assisted Colman to birth puppies. It’s puzzled out that the white wolf must be the father of these puppies, which was why he was loitering around.

Everyone receives payments, and some buy pets: Jun and May each get a cat.

The group escorts Lady, her puppies, and the Tramp Winter Wolf back to Scrumble, passing Millen on the way.

Funderi is happy for the extra puppers. She offers some of the puppies to the party, to which two are taken. Funderi then spends several hours counting out the 2,500 copper payment, one coin at a time.

Season 6 - Week 6 - The Great Pumpkin
Pumpkin Spice Scars

After drinking some tea, the group encounters another member of the Guild sent to help on their quest; Telator.

The group then makes their way into Scrumble Swamp to find some pumpkin spice. On their way, Iaza finds a newt and puts it in his pocket.

Arriving at a suspiciously quiet pumpkin patch with the giant pumpkin of spice in the centre. Several people keep their distance, while the rest get up close.

Jun tries to remove a leaf, to which the pumpkin responds with aggression.

Jun and May deal hits, Iaza tries talking to the pumpkin, and Kjarik and Telator attack with magic.

Iaza makes friends, but is dismayed when his friends keep attacking it despite his pleas.

By happenstance, all the attacking carves a face-like image on the side of the pumpkin, akin to a jack-o-lantern.

Jun takes a brutal hit when the pumpkin rolls on him, leaving acidic juices onto his face, leaving him with a spooky face scar.

The pumpkin is exploded, and the spices collected from the remains.

Returning to Mystic Café, the group presents Margeria with the spices, to which she immediately brews her special pumpkin spice lattea. Taking a sip, she gains an orange streak in her hair, then offers the drink to everyone else.

Everyone drinks the tea, gaining an orange or green streak in their hair, and also turning into women! Margeria assures everyone this change will last 24 hours.

Margeria then offers everyone some goodies from her goodie box: Iaza gets some spoopy stickers, Jun gets an eyepatch, Kjarik gets some gum with a comic, May gets a sticky hand, and Telator gets some candy.

Kjarik summons an undead hand, while most everyone else acquires costumes from the costume shop. Then everyone makes their way to Felkton for their next quests.

Seeking convenient travel, the group employs Millen to give them a ride down the river on his houseboat. Some rest happens.

While traveling, Iaza sticks one of the spoopy stickers on Kjarik: a dead tree sticker.

Suddenly, a dead tree sprouts from the middle of the river, causing the boathouse to become a tree house. Millen is forced to slowly punch away the tree.

Everyone disembarks the tree and walks the rest of the way to Felkton.

Season 6 - Week 5 - Tea Time
Tea Appreciation and Friendship Depreciation

The party finds Ignacius Rutherford Letherman, the man who send in for the quest “Fight me – I.R.L” Ingacius intends to duel 100 opponents to prove himself to his true love.

He challenges Jun to a duel, and Jun names the means of fighting as hand-to-hand combat. Ignacius deals no hits and Jun knocks him out in two. The party receives payment and they head out.

Iaza learns that there’s some tea sold in Scrumble that can cure the incessant honking in her head, and insists the party go there, but it’s determined the fasted route is back to the Guild first.

At the Guild everyone goes to rest, though Light causes a stir by waking many people in search of Stewart. Light gets put to sleep eventually by a magic person unhappy to be awoken.

In the morning everyone wakes up. Jun and Iaza get breakfast from Brancis, then Iaza gets consoling from Adventure Board about the honking.

Light enters the library in search of necromancy information and finds Kjarik instead.

Everyone gathers around the Quest Board and acquire their new quests, two which are in Scrumble.

The party sets out, has mixed results crossing the river, and eventually arrive in Scrumble.

They find the tea shop, Mystic Café, with the help of a friendly half-orc. Iaza immediately asks for special tea to stop the honking in her head, Jun gets the daily special-tea of bbq roast meat, and Kjarik gets simple green tea. They also find Margeria Knotwitch, the person they’ve come on a quest for.

She asks them to go into Scrumble Swamp to find some pumpkin spice now that it’s the season for it.

The group sits around to enjoy some tea. Kjarik tries to offer Light one of his potions as being beneficial, Light doesn’t believe him and threatens to hurt him unless Kjarik drinks the potion. Kjarik tries to back off unsuccessfully, the half-orc warns them not to fight in the café. Jun tries to intercede.

Kjarik runs outside and into another building, which he finds to be a costume shop. He proceeds to by some wonderful costuming for himself and Ravie.

Light stands outside searching for Kjarik.
Kjarik exits the shop in his new attire, and offers an apology to Light.
Light doesn’t accept and hits Kjarik, who hits him back with a witch bolt. Jun tries to intercede again and knocks out Light.

Caught up in the events, Kjarik continues to shock the unconscious Light with his magic, while Jun and Iaza decide to just walk away and find Funderi Girkan for their other quest.

In the meantime, Light dies, and Kjarik catches up with everyone else.

They find Funderi and learn she needs her dog, Lady, picked up from the vet in Felkton, which also happens to be where their third quest takes place.

The group returns to the café, stepping over Light’s body on their way in.

Season 6 - Week 4 - Konki's Basement
The Vest is a Load of Croc

After crossing the river, the group makes their way to Wybury Crag. Kjarik drunkenly sends Ravy away to find a building, then Iaza plays some magic music to sober up him and May.

Arriving at Wybury, Kjarik and Light question an acolyte of Dredd about the Wybony Crisis and what happened to the culprits responsible, and Light inquires about magic knowledge.

Iaza and May meanwhile go to the tavern to find information on the vague “fight me -IRL” quest, and find and informative bartender with a gorgeous moustache.

Light sends Kjarik in the wrong direction to the magic shop so he can get there first, while Iaza busks very poorly with a bagpipe, then moderately better with a trumpet.

May meets up with Kjarik on the actually way back to the magic shop.

Light enters the magic shop to find Konki, and makes her nervous with his inquiries into raising an undead army. Later the rest of the group arrives, and they’re lead to the basement by Melli to help pack it up.

Many magic items are packed:

-A bag holding an angry octopus is wrestle and thrown into a crate
-A staff that turns into a snake wraps around Kjarik’s arm, then wrestled into a crate.
-Iaza eat a berry and gets drunk, then puts on a crocodile skin vest and becomes a crocodile
-Light releases 6 cats into the basement
-May knocks wands and rods into a box, then disappears to a beach paradise
-Kjariks works to figure out which rod or wand caused May to disappear, turns a cat blue in the process, but gets her back
-Iaza turns back to normal, then turns many things blue, including a trumpet and Light’s scales
-Iaza honks a horn, then plays a sleepy harp, Kjarik has to slowly knock her out to get her to stop
-Kjarik gives Iaza a mystery potion to heal her, she is healed but now appears to be a different looking person
-Iaza and Kjarik help themselves to some free reject potions, and a bag of beans

While some of this happens, Light goes up to the shop, finds it empty and steals a magic cube, comes back down, then later goes back up. This time Konki is in the shop with 3 buff people who asks Light not to go down the path of creating an undead army and to also leave Wybury. Light gives a moving speech about justice, then leaves when the buff people are insistent he leave.

Iaza and Kjarik finish the work and get payment, while Light climb a rooftop and shouts a challenge to fight, getting a reply.


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