The OneShots- Episode 2: Unexpected Visitors

Too close to home.

The following excerpt was taken from a municipal incident report by Jim Dale, steward of the Bounty Guild of Jhorvan’s Rest

“We were attacked in broad daylight. A pack of vicious, roving bandits, entered the town underneath our noises, managed to cause a level of mass panic by way of strange magics that drove everyone into a paranoia such that the entire town had locked itself away inside. And then, while they had the populace subdued, they wheeled in their siege weapons and troops to assault our keep! But the worst thing they brought with them wasn’t fear magic, nor cannons, but a gargantuan, bird-like monsters that assailed our keep for near an hour while they blasted us from afar, making sure we were locked in our own castle while it was crumbling around us.

If not for a brilliant stroke of luck, we would have been doomed to die that day. But it just so happened a few rookie bounty hunters from the old fort in the forest had come down from their ancient keep amidst the chaos that ensued that day. Reports from witnesses in the town, including one Father Auren and old Bill Richards the beggar, paint a clearer picture as to what happened:

The party, consisting of London Storms, ‘Wildman’ the silent Tiefling, Dave Atlas, and a new member of their party who was not registered with our bounty guild whom we later learned was named ‘Gornev’, came down from the forest and entered the town in search of maps to a location they were off to. They came upon Father Auren’s burning church in the process. The party performed a heroic rescue of the poor old priest, whom had been knocked out and restrained to burn in his own house of worship by the bandits. Their leader had also summoned imps to make sure no one interfered in his torturous demise for whatever reason. The party dispatched the devils and saved the priest, who gratefully thanked them by tending to their wounds. They expressed that they had to get to our fort, which was currently being assailed by the bandits and their monster. The priest did not dissuade them, but offered them a few supplies he had on his person at the time to aid them. The party advanced down the main road where they were accosted by one of the bandits. Old Bill Richards witnessed the event and explained to the party that the bandits had driven everyone into paranoia, making everyone leave the street and lock themselves inside. The party then proceeded to the keep, where they confronted the leader of the bandits. A recruit who was fighting off the bandits at the time witnessed a conversation that took place that suggested the bandit leader knew the party, but that he had not come here explicitly because of them. The recruit described him as some kind of bard wearing a distorted jester’s mask and wielding a kind of pistol. He personally took on the party along with a few of his goons according to her account. Things looked dire for a while, but the lunatic had the hubris to let one of his war weapons go unmanned for long enough so that once the party had broken through his first bodyguards one of them managed to acquire and operate the device by themselves. Reports from both the recruit and our top bounty hunter, Falkner Borath, aka ‘Mad Dog’, tell that he was shot by his own cannon and died on the battlefield. As he fell, his monster bird ceased its assault on our keep, swooped down to pick up his body, then flew off. One of the party members, Mr. Silent, testified that the bird had screeched a retreat in infernal to some placed called the Charred Tower. As to where this is, no one is sure yet. However, after this attack, martial law has been implemented into our small village until we believe ourselves to be safe from a counter-attack…"

-Jim Dale, steward of the Bounty Guild of Jhorvan’s Rest.


Ivannorr The_Wizard_Of_Backstory

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