Week 19

Cave Circumstances

Wolfram sets out to stop Ann and Vil. The group circumvents the skeleton infested Wybury, and come across some old ruins, where they encounter Ann. They follow her into the ruins, where some small talk ensues before she uses the purple gem to revive the deceased Cu, along with summoning additional skeletons!

The fight with Cu becomes more challenging as some of the party members are charmed into hating each other. Nobody is feeling the love.

Fight! Unfriendly fire! Cu is dead, along with the skeletons.

The party ventures deeper into the ruins, where some minor treasures are found. Taran finds a Helm, upon which wearing stops him from being charmed of himself. He becomes much more tolerable.

Skeleton poker?

Come across an alter to Xellirks Deadg0d, partying skeletons, suspect these ruins belonged to Uncle Groanybones once upon a time. Fight them skeletons, succeed.

Script comes across a study, hangs back to read, everyone else continues.

Taran pretends to be a door, group finds some money. Then the group finds a Minotaur skeleton! Fight! Defeat Minotaur skeleton!

Meanwhile, Elrik gets escorted by a headless hound skeleton down a skeleton filled tunnel. After nearly two hours of walking downwards, the skound finally brings Elrik to a large chamber, which houses several cells against the wall. The cells contain some familiar faces, including Vincent, Graxxus, Konki, and several other Wybury citizens!

Elrik is placed in one of the cells, to await his fate, and to hope for rescue. But maybe not with the use of Thunderwave this time.

Also meanwhile, the skeletons back at the Guild are working hard to reopen the collapsed hole leading into the Guild pantry. Many of Team Alpha prepare to continue their defence of the Guild.

When the skeletons finally break through, a large battle ensues, and after much fighting, the skeletons are finally thinned out enough that they retreat!


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