Season 6 - Holiday Special - Schmorfengras

Turkey Staring and Turgriffon Scaring

Arriving at the Schmorfengras Feast Festival near Wybury, May and Harold are approached by Agustine Copia the 5th, who recognizes them as adventurers.

He needs help with the feast, Schmorgas has requested a Turgriffon as the main course! He never asks for that, they’re not prepared!

He sends May and Harold to get the Holy Gravy Boat carried from the Spice Cemetery to McGuffin’s farm, where they might find a Turgriffon to place in the holy gravy.

At the farm they learn a Turgriffon usually steals one of the turkeys, so they lie in wait. While hiding, Harold maintains eye contact with a focused turkey, which turns into an intense staring contest.

The Turgriffon arrives, and May starts fighting it effectively and evasively, using Harold as a shield. Harold takes the hits while maintaining the staring contest.

Badly hurt, the Turgriffon flees, but takes the turkey Harold was staring at.

After tending their wounds, our adventurers track down the Turgriffon, giving it a good fight before knocking it down. May helps to half de-feather and half skin the Turgriffon before placing in the holy gravy.

Harold saves the turkey, learns her name is Lucy, and buys her.

Returning to the festival, our heroes get a seat at the main table with Schmorgas, where the guest of honour, Terry Baster, partakes of his gravy.

A good meal is had, and the guests are given a gift from the Cornucopia of Schmorgas.


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