Season 6 - Week 2 - Olwbear Patrol

"A Quest Board has Angered Me"

After completing the trials of the Guild of Heroes, our intrepid adventurers return to water a tree with their mugs. The gates open, and Stewart greets the newest Guild of Heroes Acolytes.

The are given a speech of how the Guild works, and told they are to pay a monthly due of 50gp by the end of the month, which they can earn by completing quests from the Quest Board.

The Quest Board is busy playing card tricks with a friend, and so our heroes must explore the Guild while they wait for the Board to available.

Iaza joins in to play card tricks with the Board and friend, while Kjarik goes to the Guild Grove to summon a raven familiar who will be named Ravie.

Jun, Selamor, and Oran go to the Room of Guidance, where they eventually learn it answers YES/No questions, after a lengthy investigation.

Veinar acquires some food from the kitchen and ale from the Rogues Gallery.

Light attempts to intimidate and trick Stewart into giving him a quest, only to be informed only the Quest Board can give quests.

Jun then goes to the Library of Inconsequential Knowledge, where he peruses some of the classic titles such as “Wolves in My Bed: How to Stop Sleep Conjuring”, and “Memoires of a Gorgon”.

Back at the Board, Iaza enjoys more fun card tricks from the Quest Board, but then Selamor and Light interrupt, attempting to acquire a quest. Some attempted violence, and everyone near the Board is magically put to sleep or restrained. Oran casts Fog Cloud and tries to sneak in, and more shenanigans ensue.

Stewart breaks up this fiasco and gives the adventurers a warning to behave, and the Board finally gives everyone their quests.

Some discussion, and it’s decided that everyone will go to Shumpthorpe first.

A long travel, and everyone arrives, taking note of the Safety Forest. The group goes to talk with Drabbuh Norl about the Owlbear Patrol, and he informs them it will happen tomorrow morning.

Light harasses the Goldenbutters to find answers of how to unsentient and sentient object, then joins Jun at a shrine of Warrden. Oran spends the night planting seeds in the safety forest. Everyone else finds a place to sleep.

In the morning, everyone is awoken by alarm bells, but it is just the children being spooked by the plants sprouted by Oran.

They group sets of to patrol the forest. It’s mostly uneventful, until it’s not!

Charred plant creatures attack! Hitting, missing, a hurt child, fog, loud bagpipes, entanglement, and the battle is successful!

All that’s left is to return to Shumpthorpe.


Ivannorr TopiaryRabbit

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