Season 6 - Week 5 - Tea Time

Tea Appreciation and Friendship Depreciation

The party finds Ignacius Rutherford Letherman, the man who send in for the quest “Fight me – I.R.L” Ingacius intends to duel 100 opponents to prove himself to his true love.

He challenges Jun to a duel, and Jun names the means of fighting as hand-to-hand combat. Ignacius deals no hits and Jun knocks him out in two. The party receives payment and they head out.

Iaza learns that there’s some tea sold in Scrumble that can cure the incessant honking in her head, and insists the party go there, but it’s determined the fasted route is back to the Guild first.

At the Guild everyone goes to rest, though Light causes a stir by waking many people in search of Stewart. Light gets put to sleep eventually by a magic person unhappy to be awoken.

In the morning everyone wakes up. Jun and Iaza get breakfast from Brancis, then Iaza gets consoling from Adventure Board about the honking.

Light enters the library in search of necromancy information and finds Kjarik instead.

Everyone gathers around the Quest Board and acquire their new quests, two which are in Scrumble.

The party sets out, has mixed results crossing the river, and eventually arrive in Scrumble.

They find the tea shop, Mystic Café, with the help of a friendly half-orc. Iaza immediately asks for special tea to stop the honking in her head, Jun gets the daily special-tea of bbq roast meat, and Kjarik gets simple green tea. They also find Margeria Knotwitch, the person they’ve come on a quest for.

She asks them to go into Scrumble Swamp to find some pumpkin spice now that it’s the season for it.

The group sits around to enjoy some tea. Kjarik tries to offer Light one of his potions as being beneficial, Light doesn’t believe him and threatens to hurt him unless Kjarik drinks the potion. Kjarik tries to back off unsuccessfully, the half-orc warns them not to fight in the café. Jun tries to intercede.

Kjarik runs outside and into another building, which he finds to be a costume shop. He proceeds to by some wonderful costuming for himself and Ravie.

Light stands outside searching for Kjarik.
Kjarik exits the shop in his new attire, and offers an apology to Light.
Light doesn’t accept and hits Kjarik, who hits him back with a witch bolt. Jun tries to intercede again and knocks out Light.

Caught up in the events, Kjarik continues to shock the unconscious Light with his magic, while Jun and Iaza decide to just walk away and find Funderi Girkan for their other quest.

In the meantime, Light dies, and Kjarik catches up with everyone else.

They find Funderi and learn she needs her dog, Lady, picked up from the vet in Felkton, which also happens to be where their third quest takes place.

The group returns to the café, stepping over Light’s body on their way in.


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