Five-Fish-Finger Fishcount

Article from the Toronto Moons, Dredday, Pewicksmonth 2nd
by Larriet Hodge

After a mass series of thefts throughout the Guild Lands where all manner of valuable items were stolen, the Guild of Heroes sent out a team of high-ranking members to investigate the crimes.

The culprits were found to be a large school of Kuo-Toa under the leadership of Hillary Fishton, the losing candidate of the recent Underdank elections.

The Guild of Heroes reports that the Kuo-Toa were found to be amassing various items of religious and cultural significance for an unknown ritual, but thankfully the Guild reports it was able to stop the Kuo-Toa from completing this ritual.

The cult leader Fishton has been apprehended and is in custody, and the Underdank authorities have taken measures to ensure such an event cannot happen again, including closing off known Kuo-Toa tunnels leading to the surface.

Most of the stolen items have since been recovered and returned to their proper wards.

Included in the list of returned items are the Holy Dust Pan of Javexa from the Wybury Temple, the Tome of Forbidden Addresses from the Guild of Post in Felkton, and an item of Pewick’s that this reporter was unable to get the name of.

Of note, it would appear that the new sun god Sorin came into existence shortly after the mass larceny by the Kuo-Toa. When asked about any correlation between these events, the Guild of Heroes gave no comment, but speculators believe the events to be related given Fishton’s obsession with sunlight during her campaign.

Five-Fish-Finger Fishcount

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